By Kenique creates a wide variety of designs for eclectic minds.

 Christian Prophetic SOBLSSD (So Blessed) T-Shirt Ampersand Symbol Soap Dispenser & Toothbrush Holder Christian Prophetic BLSSD (Blessed) Luggage Christian Prophetic SURVIVOR Tie SHSBLSSD (She’s Blessed) Keychain Ampersand Symbol Reversible Decorative Pillow PSALM 91 LOCKET NECKLACE PRIESTLY BLESSING STERLING SILVER NECKLACE Christian HSBLSSD (He’s Blessed) Coming and Going Extra Large Moleskine Notebook Christian SHSBLSSD (She’s Blessed) Coming & Going Extra Large Moleskine Notebook Christian IMBLSSD (I’m Blessed) Coming and Going Dress Christian Prophetic BLSSD (Blessed) Wrist Watch Christian Prophetic SOBLSSD (So Blessed) Leggings Christian Prophetic HSBLSSD (He’s Blessed) Round Pillow Striped Bottom Leggings Striped Bottom Leggings Christian Prophetic IMBLSSD (I’m Blessed) Leggings Christian Prophetic IMBLSSD (I’m Blessed) Dress